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At Craigbank, a nurturing approach underpins the whole school, ethos, values and vision for all stakeholders. In September 2022, we began the journey towards achieving National Nurturing Schools status through participation in the Nurture UK programme. With an established nurture group in school, we continue to develop the knowledge, understanding and application of the nurture principles in every class and wider school context. Using these principles in all that we do enhances wellbeing for all stakeholders and promotes readiness to learn for all.

We are finally returning to a full schedule of family learning at Craigbank. Already this session, primary 1 parents have attended the ‘Help Your Child Succeed’ event and P1-3 parents had the opportunity to participate in the school ‘Bookbag Launch’ within the infant classes. P4 and P5 parents have worked alongside our Youth Family and Community Learning colleague Greta who is supporting parents as they engage in Maths and Literacy learning with their child. P5, P5-6 and P7 have all held community cafes this session, to showcase their genre writing learning, with great attendance from parents and carers at each event. Parent helpers have also been reintroduced and are a vital part of the school community. If you are interested in becoming involved as a parent helper, please contact the school office at 01698 882513

As part of our School Improvement Plan, we continue to develop the teaching and learning of genre writing and implement conceptual numeracy through Maths Recovery. Dedicated taught writing lessons delivered from primary 1 to primary 7, will cover the following genres:

  • Narrative Information Instructional/Procedural
  • Discursive
  • Recount Explanation
  • Report

The Maths Recovery Programme prepares teachers to approach mathematics instruction in a new way. It emphasises ongoing assessment, careful observation, gauging student’s current knowledge and strategies, and building on them to increase the student’s knowledge, ability and self-confidence in mathematics.

For more information, see the link below;

Maths Recovery

The school uses Education Scotland Curriculum for Excellence for all curricular areas.

Click this link for more information.

At Craigbank, we are committed to minimising the cost of the school day. Across Larkhall Learning Community, there is consistency of approach in the following areas:

  • All schools offer a uniform recycling clothes bank and parents and carers are signposted to any local groups who support parents/carers with the costs associated with pupils starting back school in August.
  • All schools do not insist on school uniform items having the school badge.
  • All schools have access to Foodbank vouchers to offer to families when required.
  • All schools ensure that all children are able to access educational trips throughout the school year if parents/carers have not paid for the trip.
  • All learning materials are provided by schools.

All schools within the Learning Community offer a Breakfast Club facility with almost all of these breakfast clubs being free of charge.
All schools offer extra-curricular clubs with all clubs being free of charge. All schools publicise Money Matters via their communication channels. There are no core charges for practical subjects. All schools raise awareness with their Parent Forum and Parent Councils on CoSD and Participatory Budget spend. As part of the Cost of the School Day Policy, we are currently creating a calendar of events across the school year where there may be a cost to families. All schools consult pupils on CoSD and Participatory Budget spend.

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