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All the pupils in the school are extremely excited and motivated about our new achievement awards to develop life skills. We all want to be STARs. Developing and mastering, Skills, Teamwork , Achievement and Recognition.Many of us have already started working our way through Bronze level with the aim of completing Gold by the summer holidays. We may need a little help and support from home but the majority of our targets should be challenging but achievable without adult support. The staff are looking forward to hearing all about our achievements.


Primary 1 STAR Awards
Primary 2
STAR Awards
y 3 STAR Awards
Primary 4 STAR Awards
Primary 5 STAR Awards
Primary 6 STAR Awards
Primary 7 STAR Awards



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We have 4 houses in Craigbank Primary School

Hard work in our classes,  good behaviour and kind manners are just some of the things that we can earn house points for. In the senior playground we line up at morning, interval and lunchtime in our houses to earn extra points. Throughout the year we have quiz afternoons and sports day to earn points for our houses. At the end of the session the house with the most point wins the house cup and sometimes a special house prize for us only. Being in a house is great fun, we have lots of opportunities to work together and are responsible for our own behaviour and showing a good example to the younger children.




House Points
Current House Points Total
Avon 5220
Struther 5446
Cander 5058
Clyde 6343