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Welcome to our school website.

It has information about pupils, staff, parents' groups and activities that go on in the school.

I hope you find our school website a useful tool to keep you more informed about  the amazing learning that takes place in our school.
The website will be updated regularly with news about children’s learning experiences and events that are taking place. There is also useful links to information and documents which support the educational experience of your child.
I hope that you enjoy your visit to the website, find the information you required, have gained an insight into our school and visit again soon .
Mrs Gillian Orr
Head Teacher

"Dream, Believe, Achieve"

Our vision:
In Craigbank Primary School, all learners work ambitiously together to create a challenging and inclusive learning environment that promotes confidence, resilience, respect and skills for learning life and work.
We aim to :
Provide quality learning experiences based on the principles of curriculum design, that ensure every yong person raches their full potential.
Raise learners levels of attainment and achievement through the delivery of the six entitlements.
Ensure that everyone is treated fairly and justly, promoting responsibility and respect for human rights.
Encourage our learners to be aspirational and have a positive approach to learning, celebrating individual successes and achievements.

Our values:

Together we are:


At Craigbank Primary school we encourage the wearing of school uniform at all times. Children are very smart, more focussed on learning, are easily identified as a Craigbank pupil and feel proud when wearing their school uniform.
Our school uniform is navy trousers or skirt with a navy jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan. All pupils should wear a white shirt and school tie.
On PE days pupils are required to change for PE and are asked to wear navy gym shorts and a white polo shirt. No football colours will be permitted.
School uniform can be purchased from several different suppliers.
School ties, blazers and embroidered polo shirts, shorts, cardigans and jumpers / sweatshirts can be purchased from Scotcrest in Hamilton.
Navy skirts, trousers, white shirts, shorts, embroidered polo shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans can be purchased on-line from TESCO.
The school office keep a small stock of school ties should you need to buy an additional one throughout the year.
All pupils were black gym shoes (non- marking sole) whilst in school.
Please contact the school office for more information.

Craigbank Primary School
Glengonnar Street

t. 01698 882513

f. 01698 882378

Mrs Fiona Adams
Acting Principal Teacher
Miss Anna Sinclair
Class Teacher
Miss Lesley Craig
Class Teacher
Mrs Stephanie Farquharson
Class Teacher
Mrs Lynne Barr
Class Teacher
Mrs Alison Marshall
Class Teacher
Mrs Fiona McLaren
Class Teacher
Mrs Ashley Vaughan
Principal Teacher (currently on secondment)
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